Good to Know: Cork Flooring

  Cork Flooring is beautiful, warm, environmentally sustainable, and a great choice for your home.  Here are some things you may not know about Cork Flooring: The “Nine Year Law” which passed in the 1930’s, forbids cork bark harvesting at intervals of no less than nine years, so maximum regrowth can occur and tress are not compromised. Cork may not be harvested until the tree has reached a diameter of sixty centimeters. One with nature:  Using hand tools to harvest the bark is still the preferred method The honeycomb cellular structure of hexagonal cells makes cork naturally resilient – over …

Is Leather Flooring Right For Me?

  Recycled Leather Flooring is installed and similar in many ways to ceramic tile, leather offers an inimitable statement in any room. Unlike your jacket, purse, or your favorite pair of shoes, this leather has been specifically processed through dying and tanning that makes it hard to the touch, yet warm and supple underfoot. Leather Flooring will complement any wood motif. Some of its advantages are its exceptional sound absorption, the color extends through the product, and it offers a unique, contemporary look. Leather Flooring adds sophistication, elegance, serenity, and a classic styling. Leather Flooring is Environmentally Friendly as well. …

All Hunter Douglas Dealers Are Not Created Equal

There are dealers who sell Hunter Douglas, and then there are true Hunter Douglas dealers.  It’s the equivalent of yes, we can get that versus this is what we do.  Hunter Douglas products are the most innovative and complicated products in the industry and keeping up to date with the changes require constant training and expenses most dealers choose not to incur.  Hunter Douglas has recently started imposing training and investment requirements because of quality problems with some dealers.  Know your dealers level.  Here’s how the Hunter Douglas hierarchy works: Centurion Club: This prestigious Hunter Douglas Alliance program is for …

Neutrals take the night at the 2013 Emmy's

You simply can’t go wrong with a neutral, but some may worry that these unobtrusive tones just won’t make the impact that they’re looking for. However, if this weekend’s Emmy awards are anything to go by, that simply isn’t so.

Capitalize on your window coverings with decorative mirrors

Nothing quite compares to the inherent beauty of natural light, which is why it is so important to choose the right window coverings. After putting so much thought in this selection, don’t you wish there was a way to replicate this striking look throughout the rest of a space?

Interior design gets industrial

From nail-headed studs in a sleek grayscale guest room to utilitarian light fixtures and furnishings that look like they’ve been salvaged from the scrap yard, this look is all about sparseness.