How Long Should My Curtains Be?

How Long Should My Curtains Be?
It’s a dilemma that plagues every homeowner – how long should my curtains be? Unless you’re talking about a child’s bedroom, kitchen, laundry room, or bathroom (where short, sill-length curtains are best for practical reasons), floor-length curtains are the way to go! Nothing looks sadder than a beautiful living room with short, shrimpy curtains!
The curtain length has the ability to transform a room from relaxed to regal. Here’s a mini-guide to the four basic lengths for curtains, and how they each affect a room:

Touching Curtains:  they float ever-so-slightly above the floor (think 1/2″ to 1″) are the epitome of crisp and tailored chic. This look requires precision measuring and tailoring to get it just right, but the look has preppy polish that fits the room like a well-made suit. Floating curtains make sense if you’ll be opening and closing them frequently, as they’re off the floor and out of the way.
Breaking Curtains: they extend just a bit onto the floor  (think 1″ to 3″) have a relaxed feel that still looks chic. This look is a little more forgiving if your floors are uneven, or if tailoring curtains to the right length isn’t in your budget. Curtains with a slight break are also the most popular look right now, with a look that’s effortlessly stylish.
Sweeping Curtains:  they extend further onto the floor (think 4″ to 6″) and look a little more elegant.  This style requires more maintenance and dressing of them when you open or close them.
Puddlling Curtains: bring on the drama! Curtains that pool on the floor (think 6″ or more of extra fabric) have a romantic, opulent look that exudes traditional elegance. This look is a little more high-maintenance, as you’ll need to re-adjust your drapes after opening or closing them, or after vacuuming. Pooled curtains look best in luxe fabrics (like silk, satin, or velvet) that are lined to give them weight and body.