Kitchens: Where to Start

Before you begin shopping for your new kitchen, do a little homework. It will help to clarify your goals and prepare for the questions out Interior Designers will ask you in order to create the right plan for you.

Do a Personal Survey

It is helpful to start a scrapbook of ideas collected from magazines, websites and other sources. Share it with your Drapery Affair /Floor to Ceiling Interiors designer.  Your collection of ideas and specifications will save time and help the de­signer turn your priorities and your dreams into reality. As with every worthwhile project, careful planning is one of the keys to achieving success.
An honest assessment of the kitchen you now have is a good place to start. Identify the problems in the current color scheme, design layout or storage. Write down what you want to improve in the new room. For a built-in furniture project, you may not be replacing existing cabinetry or furniture but it is a decided advantage to take time to assess the basics of how you want the new built-ins to look and func­tion.
To help you think through issues, take the Kitchen Assessment Survey. When you have completed your Assessment Survey, return to this page. You’ll be ready to answer the questions below.

  • What is my most important goal for remodeling the kitchen? Answers might include updating the style, adding counter or storage space, enlarg­ing the space, adding seating space, etc.
  • What do I like about the current design? Answers might be the floor tile, the double bowl sink, the over-the-range microwave, etc.
  • What do I dislike most about the current room? Answers might be the lack of grocery storage, not enough eating or counter work space, the out-dated appearance, etc.
  • Do I plan to stay in this home for 5, 10 or more years? This is important and should influence your choices. If you are remodeling the room for your own convenience over a long period, it makes sense to go for the gold. If the goal is to make your home a better candidate for resale, you may want to make the room more attractive but with a more modest investment.


Questions to Ask Your Designer:

You have a clear set of goals in mind and your folder or scrapbook of ideas at hand. Now you are ready to ask some questions of the professional design specialist to help you decide how to proceed toward your new kitchen. Your Drapery Affair / Floor to Ceiling Interiors designer is prepared to provide guidance in planning your project. The de­signer may have additional questions for you to think about. Once you have worked together to establish the scope of the project, you will be better able to estimate the investment you will need to make to bring it to completion.

  • Can you provide tear-out and installation services?  Drapery Affair / Floor to Ceiling Interiors can provide tear-out and installation service by either a trusted sub-contractor or its own staff.
  • What happens to my old appliances and cabinets? You may want to con­sider re-using some of your discarded cabinets or counters in your garage or another area. Whether this is feasible or not depends on the manner in which they were originally constructed and installed. Your contractor or Drapery Affair / Floor to Ceiling Interiors installer will need to inspect the current conditions in order to make a recommendation.
  • How long does it take to receive products that have been ordered? Every­one is anxious to get started once the project has been designed and the order placed. But, don’t plunge into tearing out existing materials until all of the new materials for your project have arrived. Your design specialist will coordinate delivery and installation of all products you order from Drapery Affair / Floor to Ceiling Interiors, so you will not be without service for longer than is necessary.
  • What kind of payment schedule do you require? Is there financing avail­able? Drapery Affair / Floor to Ceiling Interiors does have financing available. Ask for the details!
  • Can Drapery Affair / Floor to Ceiling Interiors work with a contractor or architect I have chosen? We are happy to cooperate with the architect or con­tractor of your choice.
  • Are there any products or services needed for this project that cannot be purchased from Drapery Affair / Floor to Ceiling Interiors? You will be delighted at the variety of products and brands available from Drapery Affair / Floor to Ceiling Interiors – from the floor cover­ing, right up to the cove molding at the ceiling! Since it is not possible to display every product in every style in the showroom, if you don’t see it – be sure to ask!

Your Drapery Affair / Floor to Ceiling Interiors designer will show you possibilities and solutions for your new kitchen never imagined on your own, so keep an open mind!

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