Sheer Curtains can make your room a sheer delight.


The Sheer Beauty of Sheers

Sheer Curtains can make your room a sheer delight.

Outside of offering noise reduction, and protection from ultraviolet light deterioration to your floors and furniture, curtains provide another super wonderful perk.  They complete the overall appearance of the homes interior design in a major way.  Let’s just say, a home without curtains is like wearing a little black dress with no accessories.  These months with the sunlight of spring in full spring, sheers can without a doubt make your room a sheer delight.
The Sheer Advantage
You have more choices than you may realize as sheers include:

  • Very lightweight fabrics like polyester, chiffon, silk, lace and gauze
  • Solid see-through materials that provide a shimmer effect with metallic threads.
  • And for those who prefer to decorate outside the solid box, sheers also come in printed varieties such as stripes, floral designs, polka dots, paisley and chevron prints.  
Drapery Affair can show you an almost limitless array of colors and styles.

Your sheer-shopping experience will yield an almost limitless array of colors and printed styles.  If you find it hard to make a decision, go with white or off-white sheers. They have the advantage of not distorting daylight rays, and they go with any palette beautifully.
Going with sheers in a patio, or gazebo are an excellent choice to provide a tropical exotic vacation feel, right in your own backyard. Whether you chose sheers or semi sheers, the advantages are many.

  • Provides a level of privacy.
  • Controls the flow of natural light into a room.
  • Can stand alone or act as a layer under heavier drapery.
  • Creates a romantic ambiance both day and night
  • Provides a light yet dramatic effect when used for portiere curtains hung above a doorway.

How Sheer?
Sheers control light into a room creating ambiance, both day and night.A consideration in selecting sheer window treatments is to first determine how much privacy, and sunlight you desire.   Semi-sheer curtain panels differ from light-weight sheers by weave density, weight, or opacity (for example a crushed voile). They offer more privacy than their ultra-light sheer counter-parts, which are more translucent, restrict daylight less, and provide a better view to the outdoors.  Also keep in mind, these light-weight sheers, mean less privacy to the inside of your home.
Sheer Control
If the style of a traditional fabric sheer isn’t for you, or you’d like to have more control over the light that enters your home, a sheer shade like the Nantucket, by Hunter Douglas, might be the best fit for you.  Along with its clean, contemporary linear style, it also boosts of unlimited light-control possibilities and privacy options.
It’s made of fabric vanes suspended between two sheer fabric facings, and for your ultimate convenience, it’s also available with full motorized functions.  This sheer shade may not put you in charge of the sun, but it will certainly put in you charge of how its rays enter your space.
DABlogSheerBPic3We all love choices, and with sheers you’ll have many.  Traditional sheers, for indoor or outdoor use, ultra-sheer or semi-sheer, or even their contemporary peer like Hunter Douglas’ Nantucket that marries sheers with shades to give you full control of evenly diffused light distribution.  The choice is yours to achieve sheer magnificence!